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Welcome to Milliman UK

In London since 2002, we work in the UK and Europe, focussing on general and life insurance, and healthcare systems. Our work involves analytics and technology, reserving, risk management and hedging and addresses the retirement predicament.

Extreme Weather Events in Europe

Our extensive research helps European insurers understand the scale of last year's drought, heat waves, and floods —and anticipate what business decisions could lie ahead.

Solvency II

As a full service actuarial and consulting firm, Milliman brings a comprehensive understanding of the application of risk adjustment and predictive modeling to complex healthcare applications. Whether you require risk adjustment tools, strategic advice, or customized models, knowledgeable consultants and actuaries are always available to help design and deliver successful solutions.


The new IFRS standard for insurance contracts promises to have a transformative effect on insurers’ financial reporting. Milliman has unparalleled experience with Solvency II and other regulatory regimes, coupled with groundbreaking systems implementation and industrialisation capabilities.


Insight from Milliman

Research report

Analysis of non-life insurers' Solvency and Financial Condition Reports: United Kingdom and Gibraltar non-life insurers Year-end 2022

This report summarises the sixth annual set of Solvency II public reports, the Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (SFCRs), as they relate to non-life insurers in the UK or Gibraltar.

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Featured Products

We’re driving the future with our analytics and modelling technologies

Reserving and IBNP reserve estimation


Analyse unpaid claims liabilities with industry-leading stochastic and deterministic reserving tools and methods.

Solvency II reporting and compliance
Solvency II reporting & compliance


Streamline Solvency II compliance with a multi-user, multi-site tool for Standard Formula SCR and quantitative reporting templates.

Financial modeling and industrialization
Financial modelling & industrialisation


Automate and accelerate actuarial modelling and reporting with a powerful, cloud-based solution.

Practice leaders

Meet some of the experts leading Milliman UK

Derek Newton headshot

Derek Newton

Equity Principal and Consulting Actuary

Derek is a principal and a senior consultant in Milliman’s London office. His role is to oversee the long-term development and day-to-day management of the practice, as well as service delivery to clients. He joined the firm in 2...

Oliver Gillespie headshot

Oliver Gillespie

Equity Principal

Oliver is a senior principal in Milliman's London life and financial services practice and has been with Milliman since 2004. He previously worked as a principal consultant in the actuarial and insurance management services department ...

Neil Cantle headshot

Neil Cantle

Principal & Consulting Actuary

Neil Cantle is a principal and consulting actuary working in Milliman's London office. He joined the firm in 2005, was elected a principal in 2008, and is one of the leaders of the London office.

Joanne Buckle headshot

Joanne Buckle

Principal and Consulting Actuary

Joanne Buckle is the lead consultant in the Milliman London Healthcare Practice. She has been at Milliman since 2001, including 18 months in the New York City office.

Stuart Reynolds headshot

Stuart Reynolds

Equity Principal

Stuart is a principal and consulting actuary with the London office of Milliman. He joined the firm in March 2011.

Robert Bugg headshot

Robert Bugg

Principal & Consulting Actuary

Robert Bugg is a principal and consulting actuary based in Milliman’s London office. He has been with Milliman since 2008.

Veekash Badal headshot

Veekash Badal

Principal & Consulting Actuary

Veekash is a principal and consulting actuary with the London office of Milliman.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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