Expert witness

Milliman's UK health practice provides insightful opinions both as legal cases are being prepared and in the courtroom. Barristers seeking an independent expert with in-depth understanding of the UK healthcare system rely on us for guidance on the technical aspects of complex healthcare cases.

Our team offers actuarial expertise as well as extensive knowledge of healthcare best practices and trends. We build robust analytical models for legal clients to demonstrate technical flaws or problems within the workings of the healthcare system.

Milliman's worldwide reputation as an unbiased industry expert makes us a sought-after source of expert witness testimony. We excel in explaining complex healthcare issues in simple terms.

Clarifying a risk equalisation payment dispute

Milliman was retained to develop a sophisticated model to demonstrate how flaws in the current risk equalisation payment mechanism were effectively disincentivising healthcare system efficiency. We were then able to use formulas and examples, alongside our deep knowledge of the operation of healthcare systems worldwide, to highlight these technical problems, explaining them both to barristers in preparation for court and before the bench. Milliman's preparation work and testimony illuminated the complicated technical issues underlying our client's claim, allowing this insurer to fully explain their case to the court.

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