Private sector health, wellness and disease management ROI

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We have extensive experience assessing chronic disease management programmes in many countries. Our UK healthcare team offers expertise in building models to examine both the financial effect and quality impact of specific disease management strategies. Milliman's approach encompasses both actuarial techniques and health economics to form a complete picture of the cost/benefit equation for a disease management programme.

Our experts assess whether a disease management programme is likely to meet a client's clinical and financial goals in its particular environment. We offer the unique mix of knowledge needed to measure the return on investment (ROI) in such programmes, including clinical knowledge, understanding of health economics, actuarial skills, statistical techniques and financial acumen. Milliman brings considerable experience in designing evaluations and building complex models to estimate ROI for disease management programmes and wellness or screening initiatives.

Developing and using an ROI model assists clients in setting financial and clinical goals for their disease management programmes. These goals allow for periodic programme evaluation, ensuring continuous improvement and clear demonstration of outcomes.

Analysing the payoff for preventive care

A UK insurer asked Milliman to develop a model that would analyse the return on investment for health and lifestyle screenings. We built a model of health-screening costs and estimated their likely impact on future medical costs for heart surgery, cancer treatment and strokes, based on research from the UK and the US. As a result, the insurer was able to focus its efforts on the screening initiatives with the highest ROI and discard some programmes which were simply adding to costs while providing little health or financial benefit.