Culture consulting

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Corporate culture is unique within each organisation, consisting of a blend of activities and behaviours that the organisation values most.

Firms intuitively accept that maintaining a ‘desired’ culture is essential to delivering business success. And regulatory bodies continue to intensify their focus on directing organisations to assess and embed an appropriate culture.

Measuring and managing a culture can be an enormous task, made more complex by the existence of multiple sub-cultures.

We provide an effective, scalable and actionable solution that enables clients to map their current cultural profile. This provides robust evidence on the level of cultural alignment and the foundation from which to shape a cultural development program integrated with the firm’s wider enterprise risk management framework.

Our approach offers the following:

  • A pragmatic culture assessment survey offering full control and flexibility to manage deployment and monitor progress
  • A non-pejorative data gathering process that avoids open manipulation and bias typical of more traditional approaches
  • Results viewed at a granular level across different demographic dimensions and different hierarchical levels
  • Assessing the degree of alignment to desired internal cultural profiles and espoused organisational values
  • Easily repeatable to enable tracking of culture transmission
  • Tailored culture development programs to assist in delivering strategic and business objectives and to work effectively with different sub-cultures