Healthcare reserving — Private sector

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Our UK healthcare consultants combine their broad experience in evaluating reserves with insights derived from our specialised modelling tool. Private health insurers worldwide rely on Milliman's actuarial expertise. Milliman experts go beyond simple calculations to discern historical and future patterns that affect an insurer's reserve requirements.

We are a trusted advisor in this field worldwide due to our extensive knowledge of the complex processes that produce the data used for reserving calculations. Our team offers international experience in validating data quality to ensure the most accurate possible results.

Milliman's insight into changing healthcare market conditions allows us to provide unique perspectives on data and changes in reserve requirements, pointing the way to appropriate corrective strategies where needed. In Europe, our reserving work is often done as part of a larger project to provide vital information for experience analysis, capital modelling or pricing assignments as well as for statutory purposes.

Customised tool designed for healthcare reserving

Our tool's advanced modelling capability allows us to perform monthly reserve reviews using a variety of statistical approaches. This customised tool was created specifically for analysing medical claims reserves rather than adapted from tools designed for other classes of insurance business. This allows our experts to delve more precisely into the particular issues that affect healthcare insurance reserving.

Milliman's model can be used to analyse reserves for any insurer with more than 30 months of paid claims history in its portfolio. One advantage of our system is its ability to enable many different calculation methods from a single database, saving time and avoiding the insertion of any errors during data re-entry. Our modelling processes help uncover possible problems within a portfolio, identifying specific patient groups or claim types that are driving the need for higher reserves.

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