Public sector health, wellness and disease management ROI

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Our UK healthcare practice helps commissioners analyse spending on disease management and wellness programmes, laying critical groundwork for determining future investment priorities. Milliman's in-depth experience in this field allows us to share our knowledge of effective disease management and wellness programme practices, both in the UK and worldwide.

We possess an intimate understanding of how payment incentives in the UK system might make a disease programme either more or less attractive financially, and integrate this aspect into our consulting work. Our team excels in helping clients weigh both the financial and quality metrics of a particular programme when deciding how to implement future disease management programmes. We use actuarial techniques to identify the populations where disease management programmes would be most effective, and then build complex models that enable clients to weigh their best options.

Specialised models for assessing specific disease programmes

Our expertise in evaluating disease prevention programmes includes the construction of robust analytical models. For instance, Milliman built a customised data model that demonstrates how introducing effective disease management programmes would yield both improved quality outcomes and reduced social costs in the medium term after an initial short-term cost rise. The sophisticated model uses a combination of actuarial calculations and health economics techniques to impart a broad understanding of the financial and clinical costs and benefits of new ways of treating depression in the UK.

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