Public sector contract analysis

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Commissioners can benefit from our team's broad expertise in comparing providers on a risk-adjusted basis. Milliman's UK consultants use sophisticated actuarial techniques to create fair comparisons among providers of various sizes and types, serving differing patient populations. This allows commissioners to identify both underperforming and top-performing providers on a true comparison basis. Using this information, Milliman can help commissioners create meaningful strategies to tackle underperforming providers based on objective analysis rather than anecdotal evidence.

Once the data has been reviewed and key issues identified, we analyse current and proposed contracts to determine how incentives may affect provider behaviour. With this knowledge, we then offer guidance in designing improved payment and management systems to incentivise desirable outcomes for patients.

Sophisticated tools yield greater insight

Our focus is always on the dual goals of reducing costs while improving the quality of care for patients. Milliman experts assist clients in achieving these goals in part through the use of our proprietary benchmarking tools. Our advanced tool for benchmarking inpatient healthcare practices and costs, the Inpatient Benchmarking Tool, provides global comparative benchmarks that guide public-health entities in making more efficient and effective use of resources. We also excel in building complex forecasting models to project the likely future performance of contracts under a variety of possible scenarios, including accountable care contracts, which link contract performance with future health needs assessment. We bring a wealth of experience with health systems worldwide and a deep knowledge of appropriate risk-sharing strategies to our contract performance analysis work.

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