Global Best Practice Commissioning

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Milliman's UK consultants offer extensive knowledge of public healthcare systems. They utilise data from our global industry benchmarks to assist commissioners in becoming more effective resource managers. Our UK healthcare team first advises clients in obtaining quality data. We then perform in-depth analysis of that data to assist commissioners in identifying inefficiencies and inconsistencies in their healthcare delivery system.

This analysis may prompt a redesign of clinical pathways to reduce hospital admissions for particular maladies, increasing the need for additional secondary service providers or facilities. We have broad experience in building predictive models that help commissioners understand these future needs. Given each commissioners limited resources, we can offer guidance in determining the most cost-effective investment priorities.

New global benchmarks reveal attainable goals

Our UK healthcare practice enhances its understanding of public healthcare practices through use of our recently developed Commissioning Inpatient Benchmarking Tool. This breakthrough data-analysis system creates direct comparisons between world-leading US healthcare practices and a commissioner’s actual data. This powerful analysis can be broken down into age categories to allow identification of specific clinical priorities by age group. We can also use the tool to compare the efficiency of different providers' performance in clinical categories and age groups.

Analysis helps cut cost, improve quality of care

A London PCT approached Milliman to find out how its admissions and lengths of stay compared with best-practice standards so it could discover possible areas for improvement. Milliman used its proprietary global Commissioning Inpatient Benchmarking Tool to assess the performance of this PCT in 100 different clinical categories.

Based on the analysis, the PCT was able to see which clinical areas could yield the highest potential savings in inpatient costs if the patient journey was managed more efficiently. The comparison also helped the PCT understand where to prioritise further investment. Benchmark data from our proprietary Milliman Care Guidelines helped guide the introduction of clinical protocols to improve the quality of care and reduce unnecessary admissions.

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