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Insurers rely on Milliman's tools to add consistency and efficiency to the process of estimating unpaid loss liabilities. Designed specifically for the non-life industry, our advanced software turns detailed insurance data into the information needed to make smarter, better business decisions. As EU companies strive for compliance with the emerging Solvency II standards, Milliman offers powerful tools that streamline many of the needed calculations.

TriangleMaker was designed by our team of actuarial and software development experts. Our experts continually enhance our tools and share their in-depth product knowledge with users, providing product support and comprehensive training.


TriangleMaker allows you to summarize many types of information, such as loss amounts, claim counts, or premiums by using flat files of delimited data from your claims and other systems. And the user can define the categories for which the information will be summarized: by branch, company, by line of business, or both. It helps eliminate potential data entry errors.

TriangleMaker's output can be used with our other actuarial software tools. Results are perfectly formatted to use with our loss analysis tools-ReservePro, ReservePro Enterprise Edition, and Corporate Affinity. Triangles are loaded automatically into our ReservePro systems for a truly integrated and seamless solution. And TriangleMaker's output is Corporate Affinity's input.

Click here to learn more about how TriangleMaker is easy, flexible, and produces output that can be fully integrated with our other reserving tools.

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