Health Cost Guidelines Suite — Public sector

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Our powerful tool for comparing client healthcare costs with comprehensive industry benchmarks is the result of five decades of research and consulting work. Milliman's Health Cost Guidelines™ are considered the industry's premier tool for estimating expected claim costs and modelling anticipated patterns of healthcare utilisation. Our UK team is expert in comparing our national and international benchmark data to real client data from primary care trusts and other National Health Service entities.

Already used by more than 100 insurers worldwide, Health Cost Guidelines provide comprehensive industry data, compiled from a wide range of both published and unpublished sources. Our proprietary methods allow us to adjust healthcare cost averages in this data to make fair comparisons within a particular country, taking into account differences in demographics, geography, and reimbursement structures.

Milliman's in-house team of healthcare analysts updates our US Health Cost Guidelines annually, investing in extensive new research to uncover emerging trends in our rapidly changing industry. The primary database on which we base our US research includes complete medical and prescription drug claims histories for 17 million patients. Our inpatient database includes 75% of US admissions. In the UK, our healthcare actuaries update the UK Health Cost Guidelines regularly, incorporating the latest data and international benchmarks to show changing utilisation patterns.

HCGs provide a flexible, robust, and consistent starting point for our experts to conduct benchmarking, historic experience analysis, and future projections. The result of years of development by Milliman actuaries, our proprietary HCG methodology has been used in countries around the world to effectively categorise healthcare costs, enabling comparisons across countries while accounting for local market variables.

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