Health Cost Guidelines Suite — Private sector

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Launched 50 years ago, Health Cost Guidelines™ have become the industry gold standard for comparing claim costs and healthcare usage with global best practices. Milliman utilises state-of-the-art technology and multiple data sources to produce the most comprehensive guidelines available. Private insurers in the UK and worldwide rely on our proprietary methods and thorough data.

The Guidelines employ multiple data sources—government and private, published and unpublished—to provide independent, accurate analysis of industry trends. Because the Guidelines provide detailed descriptions of healthcare services, users can easily locate matching data for the specific service they wish to benchmark.

Because they are updated regularly with substantial additional in-depth research, Health Cost Guidelines always present current industry best practices. Health Cost Guidelines cover basic rating for different benefit plan designs and factors for durational claims, different copays, geographical loadings, and claim probability distributions to allow calculation of benefit limits and excesses.

Our consultants employ HCGs as a vital data source for historic experience analysis, benchmarking comparisons, and future experience projections. Milliman actuaries developed this unique method over many years and have used it around the world. HCGs are a robust, proven tool for categorising healthcare costs in a manageable way, creating fair comparisons between healthcare providers in different countries.

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