Milliman Underwriting Guidelines

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With today's changing healthcare landscape, many companies worldwide rely on our evidence-based tool, Medical Underwriting Guidelines™ (MUGs™) to provide clear answers to complex, future-oriented questions. Our UK healthcare consulting team can assist clients with applying our MUGs to the particular issues affecting private health insurers in the UK and throughout Europe.

MUGs come in two versions: Small Group Medical Underwriting Guidelines™ and Individual Medical Underwriting Guidelines™. Both are powerful evidence-based tools enabling more objective underwriting of initial applications for insurance coverage and allowing insurers to rate for different existing conditions rather than excluding existing conditions from coverage.

A daunting number of medical conditions affect underwriting decisions. MUGs address this problem by covering virtually every condition insurers are likely to encounter–more than 1,200 conditions in all. The Guidelines provide the most current information, reflecting changes in medical technology and underwriting practices.

MUGs are flexible enough to adapt to specific client situations. The Guidelines are regularly updated, and a CD-ROM version is searchable by key words.

Automation creates underwriting efficiency

An automated version of the Guidelines can further enhance underwriting efficiency. This version quickly creates essential reports and monthly summaries, allowing underwriters to focus on point assignment and decision-making rather than data recording and summarising.

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