Chronic Condition Hierarchical Groupings

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The Chronic Conditions Hierarchical Groups (CCHG) is a clinical care-based methodology for enhancing population health management based on patient and chronic condition information. It is designed to more accurately identify cost trend drivers and effectively allocate disease and care management resources. Coupled with traditional actuarial analyses, this highly effective, patient-centric model facilitates an information-driven management process that results in more effective care and lower administrative costs.

In the English NHS, CCHGs have been used to help payers understand the clinical risk associated with a population, within the changing payment models / population-based budgets. They can also support risk stratification for care management, and other risk adjustment for measuring utilisation, clinical quality and outcomes.

This standalone software tool, which can also be applied to the UK private medical insurance market, categorises patients into clinically similar groups as a way to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of treatment patterns can inform smart disease management.

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