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Emerging risks in insurance: Antibiotic resistance18 July 2019 - By Tanya Hayward and Emma Hutchinson - Article

In the context of antibiotic resistance, de-linkage of profit and volume through the use of an insurance model has been proposed as a potential strategy to stimulate innovation and curb antibiotic resistance through the availability of novel antibiotics.

Recommendations for developing a Stress and Scenario Testing framework15 February 2019 - By Emma Hutchinson and Fred Vosvenieks - Article

This note provides high-level recommendations for insurance companies when developing or enhancing their Stress and Scenario Testing framework.

Issues affecting unit-linked insurance business11 February 2019 - By Claire Booth and Thomas Bulpitt and Neil Christy and Emma Hutchinson - Article

This paper summarises a number of the most material developments affecting unit-linked insurance business that occurred during 2018 and which remain areas of ongoing focus.

Transitioning away from LIBOR30 October 2018 - By Neil Dissanayake and Paul Fulcher and Emma Hutchinson and Peter Lin - Article

Driven by the G20 and the Financial Stability Board, major initiatives are underway to reform interest rate benchmarks and move away from IBOR rates to overnight near risk-free rates.

The benefits of Solvency II unit matching19 July 2018 - By Paul Turnbull and Emma Hutchinson and Fred Vosvenieks and Magnus Wilson - Article

Solvency II presents an opportunity for insurers with significant blocks of unit-linked business to dramatically improve their ability to use large amounts of previously constrained capital and to reduce market risk.

Final Guidance on the FCA’s approach to the review of Part VII insurance business transfers10 July 2018 - By Christopher Clarke and Emma Hutchinson and Stuart Reynolds - Article

At the end of May, the Financial Conduct Authority published final guidance on its approach to the review of Part VII insurance business transfers.

Conduct risk: Regulatory developments and best practices for UK life insurers23 May 2018 - By Emma Hutchinson and Jennifer van der Ree - Article

This paper covers recent regulatory developments in the UK in relation to conduct risk, and our observations of best practice for robust conduct risk management frameworks.

EIOPA Consultation Paper on its second set of advice to the European Commission on the Solvency II Delegated Regulation20 December 2017 - By Cormac Gleeson and Ellen Matthews and Bridget MacDonnell and John Mulvihill and Eamon Comerford and David Burston and Neil Christy and Jeffrey A. Courchene and Emma Hutchinson and Jennifer Strickland - Article

This briefing note summarises the final advice from the first stage of the EIOPA review and provides details on EIOPA’s proposals in the latest consultation paper on its second set of advice.

Solvency II: Recalculation of the Transitional Measure on Technical Provisions18 July 2017 - By Emma Hutchinson and Stuart Reynolds and Oliver Gillespie - Article

A summary of findings on the Transitional Measure on Technical Provisions (TMTP relief) and views on different approaches to recalculating the TMTP relief and the associated key issues and challenges.

Issues in brief summer 2015: UK life insurance25 June 2015 - By Richard See Toh and Emma Hutchinson and Neil Dissanayake and Philip Simpson and Russell Ward - Article

The most recent edition of Issues in Brief features articles about risk culture, the roles of actuaries under Solvency II and the ways the insurance industry can deliver solutions to future UK retirees.

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